About the book


When It Comes To You

When it comes to you, I am the
Biggest fool in town.
Like a little puppy, I follow you All around.
When it comes to you, my love
Will never die.
You’re like a drug to me and you Always keep me high.
When it comes to you, my feelings All go crazy.
I can’t even think straight
Everything goes hazy.
I’ll be there to share with you
All you say and do.
I’ll be there, when it comes to you.


  • Quotaion Mark

    Reading through this poetic book made me realize that even the simplest subject can become a wonderful poem simply by seeing things from a different perspective. As I read through the pages poem after a poem I feel myself relax and give in to the calming effects of reading such wonderful poetry. This novel is perfect for those times you want to relax with a cup of tea and some snacks late in the afternoon.

  • Quotaion Mark

    While going through these poems one after the other, it made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. A feeling similar to how I felt when I spent a year apart from my wife away on training in a different state.

  • Quotaion Mark

    The poems in this book are so generic as the author not once mentions Mary’s name in them, that it is very easy to imagine your own loved one while going through these poetic morsels of love.