About the book



He was your first hero,
He’s as tall as the sky,
He can do anything;
He’s the best in your eyes.
He’s the one you call when you get hurt,
He will wipe your tears away whenever you cry,
He provides you with everything you need;
He keeps you in line,
Whenever you need him,
He’ll be there every time.
He does not always get the recognition he deserves,
Often times, he’s left out.
He does not complain-taking care of his family,
That’s what he’s all about.


  • Quotaion Mark

    A friend lent me this book a while back and I have not once regretted in getting it. Reading through the different poems held inside I felt a sense of joy and happiness.

  • Quotaion Mark

    Easy to absorb but leaves an everlasting impression of peace and tranquility in your soul. Perfect for people just getting into poetry for the first time.

  • Quotaion Mark

    The author’s personal collection of poems are worth a read as they are made in such a creative way that they leave a smile in your heart.